Online Marriage Counseling Resources | Updated November 2018

28 Days. That's the average wait time in the U.S. to see a counselor.

With online marriage counseling, there's no need to wait. Below we've included overviews of the most popular online marriage counseling apps, as well as our recommendation for the best service based on our ratings and user-submitted reviews.

Our Top Choice for Online Marriage Counseling

Regain is a platform built entirely for online marriage counseling. It provides convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a licensed therapist for couples across the globe. Regain makes professional counseling available at any time of day, in any location, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Regain may be used by individuals or couples seeking counseling for relationship or marital issues.

How It Works: Two users share a joint account in which they can communicate with the counselor together. All written communication is visible to both users and the counselor. If either partner would like to speak with the counselor privately, an individual live session can be scheduled.

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3 Key Things Couples Can Expect When Seeking Online Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, is an experience most people don’t want to endure. When people consider marriage counseling, it’s because their relationship is experiencing some detrimental problems that they can’t address themselves.  Even the thought of needing an expert’s opinion can be terrifying to some. 

Why is that? There is a misconception that marriage counseling is for the weak – for those people who are so weak in the relationship that they can’t handle things on their own. However, marriage counseling should be viewed, not as weakness, but a sign of strength.

Seeking out professional help is a sign that you’re tired of how things are going in your relationship and you want things to change for the better.

Of course, the lack of knowing what happens in marriage counseling is what scares people away from seeking help. They continue with the destructive behavior. If your relationship is experiencing problems beyond your capability to handle, don’t let the fear ruin your chances of making the marriage work.

If you know what to expect before you walk into a marriage counselor’s office, you’ll feel less anxious about going. After all, knowledge is power!

3 Key Reasons People Go To Online Marriage Counseling

Now, you may be wondering what some of the biggest reasons people choose a marriage counselor are. While there are a plethora of reasons for two people in a marriage or relationship to seek out the help of a professional counselor, the three biggest reasons are:

Communication Is Negative or Non-Existent

Communication is key to a successful relationship and, when you don’t have that, it’s difficult to move things in the right direction. If there is negative communication between a couple, it can lead to depression and insecurity by one or both. Tone is everything – and what you say isn’t always as important as in the manner you say it. Negative communication can lead to where no meaningful conversation is taking place.

There Was An Affair

It’s close to impossible to recover from an affair – close to, but it can happen. It means putting in the work and effort, making the commitment that you are willing to forgive them for their indiscretion and look to better days ahead. The only way this will happen though is if both people are involved in the recovery process. Honesty is the best policy here if the marriage is to survive.

When Fighting Becomes The Norm

If you and your significant other are constantly fighting and it’s become the normal way of life, that’s not healthy. Yes, some fighting is good, as it lets you get out your emotions. However, too much of it – on an everyday basis – is not good and is detrimental to everybody in the relationship and home (if you have kids, consider how they may be feeling).

When everything you have tried has failed, it’s time to seek the assistance of a professional. Again, knowledge is power.

3 Things To Expect During Your First Visit With An Online Marriage Counselor

You’ll Be Asked Some Basic Questions

In most cases, your marriage counselor is going to ask you both why you sought out their assistance. What happened in your marriage that you brought you to him or her? This is a pretty standard question, as it sets the groundwork for repairing your marriage. As simple as it sounds though, the answer can be fairly complex. Therefore, you and your other half need to prepare your answers.

Why? You may be together for years before you seek out help, and the answer isn’t just one thing. It could be a culmination of several things and, by focusing on the small things, you don’t get to the root of the problem. Be honest with yourself, each other and your counselor if you truly want to make the marriage work.

The marriage therapist is going to ask a slew of questions about your history – how you met, fell in love, what attracted you to them, etc.

When you have questions about the therapy process, go ahead and ask your counselor the questions. The more you know, the less anxiety you’ll feel. Again, knowledge is power!

Realize That Discomfort Is Going To Happen

The hardest thing to contend with in life is problems – whether you’re dealing with them on your own or in a professional setting. When you combine those problems with someone else, it’s even more difficult. 

The first and, most important thing to understand, is that one or two counseling sessions are not going to improve your relationship with your spouse. It just won’t happen. It took years to break your relationship down, and it’s going to take time for it to be rebuilt and see positive progress.

While you’re talking, you may learn things about your spouse you had no inkling of, or something comes out of your mouth before you even thought about it.  Couples therapy has a way of bringing out the good and bad in people, and it’s not going to be easy to hear.

In fact, you may find some sessions where you just sit in silence or where you fight – your counselor can be the mediator and assist you both in coping with the emotions.

The process by which this happens isn’t fun, and one reason people are anxious about seeking out marriage counseling; even when it’s obvious a couple needs help.

How Long The Process Will Go On

There are several ways in which the marriage counseling can go. If things are addressed early into the sessions, and things appear to be going good, you may need just a handful of sessions. While you could feel better after one session, the chance of that is fairly remote.

Successful marriage counseling is realizing that it takes time to work things out. If a marriage counselor is really good at their job, they’ll give you the tools you need to address the problems on your own.  Don’t rush the process because you feel you’re on borrowed time. If you truly want to make a marriage work, the best thing you can do is slow down and realize what happened in the marriage to bring you to this point.

What To Keep In Mind

While most people are under the assumption that a marriage counselor’s job is to keep two people together, that’s not actually the case. A counselor’s job is to highlight the problems within the marriage, bring it to the forefront and give you the tools to address them. They also highlight issues within yourself, which can make you realize that perhaps the marriage isn’t healthy in the grand scheme of things.

The reality is that nobody knows – not even a counselor – what will happen when you decide enough is enough. Marriage counseling is only there when you’ve decided you can’t go on in a relationship like you are and don’t know what the best course of action is.   

Each counselor has their own approach to your particular predicament – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling.  And, it’s certainly not for everybody. However, if you’re tired of living like you are, and you still love your spouse, marriage counseling may be the right decision for your family.

What is Online Marriage Counseling?

We created Online Marriage Counseling to provide a comprehensive resource for married couples who are struggling to find the support they need to regain the love that they once shared when they got married. It's no secret that marriage takes a great deal of work, and the couples who work the hardest reap the rewards of a long, healthy marriage of fulfillment and joy. But marriage doesn't have to be a job. It doesn't have to be a burden, and the resources on this website will help you discover this fact, and show you easy ways you can regain intimacy, joy, and true love. After all, love is supposed to be joyful. And while often marriages start with that joy, over time that join can fade. Yet, with a little work, and a lot of love, you can regain that joy once again. Thank you for welcoming us into your relationship, and we wish you many blessings in divine right time.

What are the different types of Marriage Counseling?

When a couple begins Marriage Counseling, it is usually because one member of the couple forces the issue on the other. When this happens, it's important to know what options are available, because not every couple is suited for every type of counseling.


Here are 3 types of Online Marriage Counseling:


  • Behavioral Marital Therapy: This is the most common type of online marriage counseling. This method focuses on reviewing negative behaviors (like criticism, defensiveness, withdrawal, etc), it attempts to find the root of these behaviors and then replace them with constructive ones.


  • Insight-Oriented Marital Therapy: This is similar to Behavior Marital Therapy, but it also focuses on specific triggers that cause these behaviors.


  • Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy: This is a therapy designed to increase each partners' emotional intelligence, and enable them to sympathize with the other, and ultimately create a more compassionate and understanding relationship.

Should I do in-person or Online Marriage Counseling?

There are benefits to both in-person counseling and online marriage counseling. In our experience, many couples struggle because they simply do not have enough time for each other. In this scenario, finding time for marriage counseling is actually very difficult in and of itself. In this case, online marriage counseling can be extremely effective. Online marriage counseling enables the couple to meet with a counselor at home via the internet, in the couple's place of residence. This can be more comfortable for many couples, and can often create less resistance to seeking counseling in the first place.


Online marriage counseling also opens up more options in terms of the counselors that a couple can connect with. For instance, if a couple is particularly spiritual, or not spiritual, or if they are in the LGBTQ community, or in need of specialization on a specific type of challenge or mental illness, it is much more likely they will find a counselor who meets their needs through online counseling. However, in-person counseling is encouraged if there is an abusive situation within the relationship, because getting out of the home creates a neutral environment and power dynamic that can help the counselor mediate and resolve any issues.

How Do I Get Started With Online Marriage Counseling?

The first step to using this website is browsing through the content and articles we have provided. This could very well provide you with all of the help that you need, but if it does not, the next step would be finding the best online marriage counseling provider for you. We have an extensive repository of reviews from a variety of counseling websites and platforms, so we recommend reading the reviews and selecting the option that's best for you.

There are options specially designed for online marriage counseling, for Christian couples, for LGBTQ couples, and as well. You can also be very selective regarding the qualities you would like to see in a counselor. This is what makes online marriage counseling so very special.